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The Gambler-AG
Complete Kit: $85 plus S&H*

Span: 48"/1.25 m
Chord: 6"
Length: 31.5"
Channels: 2
Weight: 6.6 oz./188 g
Wing loading: 3.7 oz./ft.2

The Gambler-AG is the latest refinement of our most popular kit, the Gambler+. The Gambler-AG includes the following improvements:

  • AG36 airfolis designed by Mark Drela
  • Increased span to 50" to maximum allowed span for limited class competition
  • Improved laser-cut wing hold down assembly
  • Stiffer Avia boom
  • Increased polehedral for better turning response
  • Laser-cut trailing edges for easier assembly
  • Improved rib design to allow flush D-tube and center section sheeting
  • Modified rudder mounting position for straighter launches

We would like to thank Mark Drela, Oleg Golividov, Phil Barnes and Northeast Aerodynamics for their help with most of these improvements.

The Gambler-AG is a discus-launchable hand-launch glider (DLG) made of built up balsa and composite material construction. It has been designed as an affordable alternative to the more expensive all-composite discus and side-arm launch gliders available today. The Gambler-AG is a hobby-class airplane for those who wish to enjoy the sport of high-performance DLGs without the high cost.

With a wing loading well under 4 oz./ft.2 and the ability to side-arm launched easily to heights of 80 feet or more, The Gambler-AG gives you 80 percent of the performance of the all-composite DLGs at 25 percent of the cost and makes a great transition plane from built-up mosquito-class DLGs, such as RCM's The Bug, to the all-composite competition class HLGs, such as the Risk, Texas Twister, Taboo, etc.

The kit includes full-sized plans, a comprehensive instruction manual, four sheets of laser-cut balsa parts, two sheets of laser-cut plywood parts, balsa stick, sheet and trailing edge stock, laser-cut light-ply formers, pushrods, Du-Bro© hardware, fiberglass cloth, Kevlar© cloth, carbon fiber boom and carbon fiber ribbon. The wing should be covered with high-strength lightweight covering such as So-Lite or Oracover light. See our equipment link for a complete list of recommended electronics equipment for this kit.

The Gambler-AG Power Pod
$6 plus S&H*
The Gambler-AG Power Pod now is available as an add-on to the Gambler-AG. The Gambler-AG Power Pod allows you to transform your Gambler-AG into a power plane in mere minutes.

We also offer The Gambler-AG plans only and a replacement wing kit.

Download our instruction manual for The Gambler-AG. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the manual.
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The Gambler-AG Gallery
- Photos and movies of the Gambler-AG.

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