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Scale Spandau Gun Kit Instructions

Step 1
Laminate the three main body parts together. The part that doesn’t match the others goes in the middle. Sand edges smooth so all the parts match. Do not sand off the stub on the middle part.
Step 2
Spray the cooling jacket sleeve with rubbing alcohol and curl around a round object, being careful not to crease the card stock. Paint the inside of the jacket the desired color prior to continuing. You may use a permanent marker to save weight.
Step 3
Glue one of the cooling jacket ends to one end of the barrel. Glue the other to the barrel so that when the cooling jacket is glued on, it will match up exactly with the outside surfaces of the two ends. Paint the inside of the ends and the barrel.
Step 4
Glue one long side of the cooling jacket sleeve to the barrel, then wrap it around the ends and secure the other long side over the first with thin CA glue.
Step 5
Attach the cooling jacket assembly to the main body. The barrel should fit over the stub on the middle part of the main body. This will help you align the two assemblies.
Step 6
Apply the detail parts as shown in the diagram on the kit packaging.
Step 7

Paint the model. The model may be detailed by dry-brushing with silver or gun-metal.

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